The Drive of Love and Sex portrayed by the characters in “Creature”

There is an underlying recurring theme of the desire for love and sex in the comedy Creature (2009) by Playwright Heidi Schreck. With a constant web of characters “wanting” one another, they all seem to want two things in common. The first being love, the second being sex. The main character, Margery Kempe is on the pursuit to become a saint, nevertheless the forbidden desire of sex keeps approaching her throughout the different characters

The first example of this recurring theme amongst the characters is seen in Margery’s husband, John Kempe. As previously mentioned, Margery is on the trail of becoming a saint, but John simply wants his wife physically and emotionally. We see first on page 19, scene two, John states “Will you sit on me again?” Margery replies “Give them to me.” and John counters back “Come here my little saint and kiss me.” This dialogue occurs right after Margery has announced that she is going to become a saint and immediately the idea of love and sex are a temptation made by her husband.

We also see the theme of love and sex coming from Jacob. Jacob says to Margery on page 33, scene 6 “I’m Jacob-Jacob, the man. I followed you here. I wanted to hear you weep again. The first time I heard you wailing I felt something- If felt like my heart was burning.” This is the first profession of love and desire we see from Jacob. We also see Jacob professing his love on page 64, scene 14 by saying “I would do anything for you. I would cut my heart out of my chest and put it on a plate for//”

While these examples of love, desire, and sex are prevalent throughout the text, Margery has made it her mission to stay on the path of becoming a saint.

Overall, I highly enjoyed reading this play, to be quite honest, more than I thought I was going to. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the play at LR put on by the Playmaker’s because of my work schedule, but I heard that it was phenomenal.

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