I was given the assignment to write a blog about me in at least 100 words, but the catch, I could only discuss one aspect of my life. It seemed as if it was a simple assignment, well that is until I actually completely the assignment incorrectly the first time. How does one simply discuss one aspect out of their entire life to describe yourself? The answer became apparent after much thought, Zeta Tau Alpha.

In 21 years of life, I have many memories and hold a lot of things close to me, but Zeta Tau Alpha, my amazing sorority, is always as the forefront of many of those memories. Because of this organization I have met my soon to be husband, I have met girls that are my family, and I have spread the word of Breast Cancer Education to thousands of people. I have seen a survivor of breast cancer burst into tears when the Zetas are at the end of a breast cancer walk congratulating them. I have seen thousands of dollars raised by the ZTA members on Lenoir-Rhyne’s campus. To put into words what this sorority means to me is simply impossible. There is a common saying among sorority members which is “looking from the outside in, you can’t understand it, looking from the inside out, you can’t explain it” and that quite possibly is the most accurate statement that I can think to describe my love for Zeta.






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